My very first blog ever about me and my miniature hobby

Hi, My name is Alice Montoya and this is my first ever blog. Why am I doing this? because I love Arts & Crafts, but not just any Crafts, I like to shrink them down and make them into miniature size. I think that is why I have a Chihuahua, well, he is actually a Cherweinney dog named “Jack”. He is my little partner in crime. He has a bit of an attitude and thinks he is the boss, but I know, he is just little “Jack”.

I have been a DYI crafter, before, that was even a well known term. I started out making little angels for Christmas trees and blankets that turned into pillows and selling them at local Arts and Crafts Fairs. That has always been a lot of fun for me being out there and sharing my ideas with people. I love to visit with people and always make new friends.

I have two grown sons, two daughter in laws and two wonderful grand children. Wow, I am very blessed. What more could a person ask for. I hope to share more about my family as time goes on.

I love to create miniature roses out of paper. (Each pedal is a heart paper punch) and place them in real miniature wooden or terra cotta pot. Each arrangement measures about 2 1/2 high. The bow is handmade out of strips of ribbon, raffia and tied carefully tied together with a zip tie to make a miniature bow measuring a little over 1 inch in size.

The floral arrangement is sitting on my keyboard

I especially enjoy the holidays, Halloween is great where I can make happy little pumpkins, or even a mummy. and for Christmas a mini Santa ornament for your tree makes me smile.

This is a display of a mummy with the three happy pumpkins with the bales of hay

There are lots of things that you can do in miniature, especially shopping at your local Dollar Store where you can redo the dollhouse cabinets and chairs and make them into something that you might want to put into your dollhouse or in that special place. I love shopping at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, they are loads of fun. I will show you how to refurbish or create and item into an item that you can appreciate for years to come.

I’ve always enjoyed miniatures and I like to collect them. Through my blog I will share how to make miniature crafts that you can ad to your miniature collection, or use as a Holiday Sign Decoration, Christmas Holiday ornament, Refrigerator magnet, Earrings, the possibilities are endless.

The little red truck is a holiday favorite this season, we have a lot we can do with this.

Not only can miniatures be a wonderful and exciting hobby, it can be affordable and I will help to show you how. Let me know what your interests are, or what you would like to start with first. I am so excited to do my next blog.


PO Box 23462
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87502

Rating: 5 out of 5.


  1. Alice is my best mate, and I am so excited about her blog featuring her miniature crafts.
    She is extremely talented and creative, I adore her…


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