My Miniature Hobby

Hi, My name is Alice Montoya, welcome to my first ever blog. Why am I doing this? I love crafts, but not just any crafts, I like to shrink it down and make it into a miniature size. I think that is why I have a Chihuahua dog well, he is actually a Cherweinney named “Jack”. He is my little partner in crime. He has a bit of an attitude and thinks he is the boss, but I know that he is just little “Jack”, I will share more about him as time goes on.

I love to make a variety of items, some examples include miniature roses out of paper placed in a real terra cotta pot, (each arrangement measures less than 2 1/2 inches tall). I also enjoy sculpting mini figurines out of Sculpey polymer clay. For Halloween, I make happy little pumpkins and mummys. Around Christmas time, mini Santa or snowman ornaments for the tree always put a smile on my face ( I thoroughly enjoy the holidays).

There are a lot of projects you can create shopping at your local Dollar Store. One thing I like to do is refinish the miniature furniture and make it into something you can place into your dollhouse or shadowbox.

I love crafting on a budget where I can find a deal at one of our many Hobby Stores, I will show you how to refurbish or create an item into a miniature that you can appreciate.

I’ve always enjoyed miniatures and have loved collecting them over the years. Through this blog, I will share how to make miniature crafts that you can add to your collection, use as holiday sign decorations, refrigerator magnets, earrings, the possibilities are endless.

Not only can miniatures be a wonderful and exciting hobby, it can be affordable and I will show you how.



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