My Chihuahua Jack and his encounter with a bumble bee!

Jack, who you may know is my pet dog is a Chirweenie, half Chihuahua and half weenie dog. Jack is a curious 5 year old who loves to play with toys that I buy for him. He especially loves the squeaky toys, those make him go bananas!

Jack loves to play outside in my yard and is fascinated with things that move. He will often play with stink bugs. One day there was a baby garden snake at my front door and he barked until it scooted away.

On another day I was inside my house working on my miniature projects. That is when I heard Jack barking (in his usual playful way). I went outside to investigate and, he was barking at a BUMBLE BEE. Yes, exactly, that is what I said, a BUMBLE BEE!!! I saw the wounded bumble bee and rushed to get the broom in order to remove it away from Jack. He then proceeded to try and get closer to it. I tried to take the bee away from the ground where this dog had it cornered with his paws. I was worried and scared that little Jack was going to get stung. He then proceeded to pick it up to try and eat it. I panicked! Why would this dog try and eat a bumble bee?! I then quickly shoved the bumble bee away from him and was able to remove it from our yard.

I am happy to say that Jack is safe and sustained no injuries, he did NOT get stung by the bumble bee even though I was a nervous wreck. With his little smart attitude, Jack walked in the house like nothing had happened, went to his water bowl, took a sip of water and decided to take his afternoon nap after his victory against the bumble bee.

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